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What is a brandable domain?

Brandable domains are often used by companies/organizations as URL shorteners, landing pages, or simply for brand identity purposes.

Who uses brandable domains?

Companies like Taco Bell (ta.co), Pepsi (pep.si), Time Magazine (ti.me), Virgin Group (virg.in), & YouTube (youtu.be) all use branded domains.

Other examples include Dailymotion (dai.ly), Visa (vi.sa), Google (goo.gl), Musical.ly (musical.ly) – acquired for $1 billion, Awesome (aweso.me), Milk (mi.lk), Made (ma.de), and Otto (ot.to) – acquired by Uber for $680 million.

What have other brandable domains sold for*?

net.work sold for $100,000
local.ly sold for $100,000
c.at sold for $60,467
instant.ly sold for $32,000
sto.re sold to Shopify for $30,000
ma.de sold for $25,000
famo.us sold for $25,000
rep.ly sold for $22,500
whi.ch sold for $21,840
k.im sold for $20,000